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ersion of the poster shown


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The premise of the poster is based on one simple question…

The question seems straightforward enough right? Much like the many other questions we get asked on a daily basis. How do I grow my market share? What is the best way to reach my target market? Should my business be on Facebook? Can we add the sound of a red flag waving (we kid you not!)?

While the questions are radically different our approach to finding the answers seldom differs. Let’s use what we have dubbed, the Breakfast Theory to illustrate.


In the scenario of a simple breakfast of bacon and eggs, the chicken is dedicated and will lay her egg, every single day for the rest of her life. The pig however, is fully committed. He contributes to your breakfast with every fiber of his being.

Sometimes the answers to our questions are surprisingly simple. Getting there however is not always as simple, which is why you should be talking to us. Our approach of applied analysis, dedication to creativity and commitment to achieving results will undoubtedly help you cook up a storm.

If you’re hungry for more then give Scott a call on 011 658 1300 or read on to get a better idea of our approach or just to find out about the subliminal advertising you have already been exposed to.


In keeping with our breakfast theme let us share with you the story of Edward L. Bernays, all round interesting chap and the father of ‘propaganda’ (which he later changed to ‘public relations’ after discovering that the Nazi’s were using his book on propaganda to subvert democracy…which is a bad thing!).

In 1922 the bacon industry was in crisis, sales were down! They approached Ed to help fix the problem. He commissioned a medical survey, which found that people were better off and healthier if they consumed a heavy breakfast. Up till this point, breakfast consisted mostly of coffee or juice and toast.

Ed then sent the findings of his survey, and bacon and eggs as an example of a heavy breakfast, to 5000 doctors. Not long after that the bacon industry was smiling again as sales increased.

We like this example; it illustrates a solid yet simple approach. Do your homework + know who to talk to + give them a clear and direct message they can act on = Results*.

* “If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative” – David Ogilvy

Side note on Ed:

See we told you he was an interesting guy!



What torments us on a daily basis isn’t big, loud or bright. No, it’s really quite shy and elusive. Finding ways to pry it out keeps us up at night and is the reason our foreheads have wallpaper patterns etched into them.

What it does respond to is clean, white and silent. It absolutely loves this virgin space and when it touches down and makes its mark the results are nothing short of sublime. It’s called originality and we’re dedicated to seeking it out.

As Alan Fletcher once said, ‘What distinguishes designer sheep from designer goats is the ability to stroke a cliché until it purrs like a metaphor’. Not that we think of ourselves as sheep mind you. We’re really not very good at following trends, we prefer to set them.

Take our poster for example, we couldn’t agree on which way people would or should pull it out of the envelope. So we designed it with an ambigram on the cover, so no matter which way you look at it the message remains the same.

    BN_Self promo_Blog 2


With the exception of BrandNew’s red and black, we have even trended our colour palette to consist exclusively of natural eggs colours.



So what came first, the chicken or egg?

This debate has raged for years, with the Judeo-Christians weighing in on the side of the chicken, and Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking and the Hindus are in the egg’s corner.

Buddhists, Aristotle and Nietzsche meanwhile are, and were, quite happy to sit on the fence with the profound declaration that neither came first!

We see similar debates taking place on a daily basis in the marketing industry. What is more important; strategy or implementation, media or creative execution, artwork or copy?

The truth is that none of them can be neglected or work in isolation. A brilliant strategy, great media plan or arresting headline won’t work very well unless they are properly executed, expertly crafted and delectably designed. And vice versa.

It really isn’t a case of choosing one over the other but rather, it depends on whether you want roast chicken or an omelet.

We don’t think it’s about strategy vs implementation. It’s about making sure you have the right mix of both to ensure you bring home the bacon.


Cue twilight zone music

The 6 dots in the BrandNew logo are in fact Braille which, at the time we created it we thought tied in quite nicely with our philosophy of being ‘In Touch’.

So while you have been staring at this poster we have been subliminally burning our icon into your brain.

We have surreptitiously associated that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you think about a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs with BrandNew.

From now on, every time you see or think about, the moon, ice-cream, tomato sauce, chickens and eggs, bacon, the universe or even the ultimate question you will inextricably will be drawn to BrandNew.

If only it was that easy right!

Go on, give us a call and get this kind of thinking working for your business!

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